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State of Identity 2023:A Pivotal Time in Customer Identity
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Survey results show that CIAM drives business growth and security. Ping surveyed 690 IT, security, and business professionals from six countries to understand the use of CIAM, including prioritization, budget, implementation tactics, success measurements, and collaboration.

The results show that organizations worldwide are prioritizing the digital experiences of customers. Digital experiences determine customer loyalty and trust in brands–and also expose users to a growing number of cyber risks. Companies are leveraging CIAM to strike a balance between security and experience.

Some key findings:

  • 84% of IT leaders consider CIAM a significant priority.
  • 76% of respondents cite identity fraud as the highest priority in risk prevention.
  • 23% of companies are actively investigating or implementing decentralized identity.

Download a complimentary copy of this ebook to read the survey results and takeaways.


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