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About TechChannels

The best resources can’t be condensed into one format. That’s why we created TechChannels, a site built specifically for IT and Business Technology professionals.

Our network of brands empowers and connects business leaders with technical, strategic, and solution based information to help them navigate the rapidly changing business world.

Here, you’ll get access to all educational possibilities, whether you need online news and information, a robust resource library filled with downloadable content, webinars, virtual events, and more. The options are endless. 

TechChannels reaches millions of B2B professionals worldwide.

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Editorial Mission

Navigating the Tech Landscape with Insight and Innovation

At TechChannels, our editorial mission is to serve as the compass for IT and Business Technology professionals, guiding them through the intricate and ever-evolving digital world. Recognizing that the best resources come in diverse formats, our platform is a dynamic hub that brings together a wealth of knowledge and expertise. 

TechChannels is dedicated to empowering business leaders with the technical, strategic, and solution-based insights they need to thrive in today's fast-paced business environment. Our network of brands serves as a bridge, connecting professionals with a wealth of information that goes beyond traditional boundaries.

With a global reach extending to millions of B2B professionals worldwide, TechChannels creates a space for professionals to connect, share, and grow. We strive to make a local impact by providing relevant, timely, and actionable insights that resonate with professionals across different regions. TechChannels envisions itself as more than just a platform—it's a collaborative knowledge ecosystem, fostering a culture of sharing insights, experiences, and best practices. By facilitating this exchange of knowledge, we aim to create a dynamic environment where professionals can learn from each other and collectively drive the industry forward. Dive into our comprehensive content on Data Security, Cloud Security, FinTech, and more—available through articles, webinars, and downloadable resources. Join us in navigating the intersections of technology and business, where our insights propel professionals toward endless possibilities.

Why Visit TechChannels


Gain access to educational IT resources that help you stay informed.

The tech industry is changing 24/7. As an IT professional, it’s important to stay informed so you can stay on top of best practices in your industry.


Hear from tech experts who have years of expertise under their belt.

It’s one thing to just read about industry updates, it’s another to hear about them from thought leaders. But by utilizing webinar channels, you can hear from trusted industry sources who have firsthand knowledge of new innovations in tech.


Be a part of a professional IT community where you can build connections.

Networking opens doors to new opportunities and fosters the exchange of new ideas. TechChannels aids in career development, business success, and personal growth.


Save time by accessing one go-to source for all your IT resources.

Accessing a single, comprehensive source for all IT resources is an invaluable strategy that can significantly streamline workflow and save precious time for both individuals and businesses.


All the Information You Need in One Place

You’re busy enough without having to scour the internet for fresh insights into your industry.
We’ve provided everything you need to successfully stay informed and keep you and your
team up to date on new innovations.


Google in Advanced Talks to Acquire Wiz for $23 Billion

Google in Advanced Talks to Acquire Wiz for $23 Billion

Alphabet, Google's parent company, is reportedly finalizing a $23 billion acquisition of cybersecurity startup Wiz.

EU Strikes Back as Meta's Data Practices Clash with New Digital Markets Act

EU Strikes Back as Meta's Data Practices Clash with New Digital Markets Act

Learn about the EU's findings on Meta's data practices and their broader implications for tech giants and regulatory trends.

Kaspersky Antivirus Updates to End in September for U.S. Companies

Kaspersky Antivirus Updates to End in September for U.S. Companies

Follows the U.S. government's expanded ban on Kaspersky antivirus software, highlighting implications for private companies due to national...