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2023 Consumer Survey
Brand Loyalty In the Age of the Digital Economy
Ping Identity 2023 Consumer Survey Cover Image

Ping Identity surveyed consumers across 14 regions worldwide to better understand preferences in digital experiences, including authentication methods, fraud protection, decentralized identity, and digital wallets.

The findings highlight the importance of seamless, easy-to-use digital experiences:

  • 81% say that ease of use is important when interacting with brands online.
  • 65% would switch to a comparable brand if it offered passwordless authentication.
  • 60% have stopped using an online service because they became frustrated with the login process.
  • 59% are still storing passwords by memory alone, with 54% admitting they have too many to keep track of.

Additionally, consumers have high concern about online identity fraud, have limited trust in businesses that manage their data, and want more control over their personal information.

Read the full report to dive deeper into the findings and learn how businesses can make digital experiences seamless while maintaining user security.


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