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[2023 Report] The State of Cloud Security

MixMode recently partnered with Cybersecurity Insiders to conduct this cloud security survey of 588 security professionals revealing major gaps in organizations’ abilities to secure cloud platforms and workloads. Despite multi-cloud adoption reaching mainstream levels, key capabilities for cloud security such as real-time threat detection and response, comprehensive visibility, workload protection, and data security remain limited. This report identifies these top challenges, assesses the effectiveness of current tools and controls, and outlines what’s needed for enterprises to achieve robust cloud security postures.

Key findings include:

  • Cloud Security Concerns: An alarming 75% of respondents are extremely or very concerned about cloud security.
  • Lack of Real-Time Detection: A majority of respondents are not utilizing real-time threat detection capabilities across their cloud infrastructure.
  • Complexity of Multi-Cloud Environments: Multi-cloud (38%) and hybrid (40%) strategies add complexity, demanding innovative security management.
  • Reliance on Traditional Solutions: Traditional solutions are still being used, despite preferences for native cloud security controls, exposing organizations to inefficiencies and threats.
  • Need for Unified Solutions: The use of multiple security point solutions underscores a need for unified, AI-driven approaches for robust security across platforms.


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