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2024 state of cloud modernization: Insights from PowerCenter customers

The results are in: 90% of data leaders who prioritize modernization to the cloud improve efficiencies, drive innovation and achieve greater scalability.

Hear from 300 data leaders using Informatica PowerCenter — they made it clear that failure to modernize on-premises applications to the cloud is a competitive disadvantage. In fact, 42% said failure to modernize will decrease efficiency and 37% said it will reduce speed and agility.

Don’t fall behind your competitors and learn why cloud modernization is top of mind for your peers. Get the report, “The State of Cloud Modernization: Insights from PowerCenter Customers,” to learn:

  • Key findings, including why 84% of data leaders believe modernizing to the cloud is key to maximizing AI benefits
  • Top data and AI trends for 2024
  • Quotes from data leaders on their plans and goals
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