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Forrester Study: Cloud to Fuel the Future of Media & Entertainment



Read this Forrester study to gain insights on the future of Media & Entertainment infrastructure and how cloud solutions can provide valuable opportunities to accelerate content pipelines, modernize operations, and diversify business models.

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Executive leaders, business decision-makers and IT leaders at Media & Entertainment organizations.


Media & Entertainment technical and business decision-makers in the streaming, broadcast, and direct-to-consumer space have come under sharp pressure to choose the right cloud solution and partner to underpin business objectives of generating prized content, optimizing media supply chains, and competing for audience attention. 

In June 2023, AWS Marketplace commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the role of cloud solutions in the Media & Entertainment industry. Forrester conducted an online survey with 623 respondents and 6 in-depth qualitative interviews with technology strategy decision-makers at global organizations to explore this topic.

Key findings

Read this Forrester study to gain insights on why modernizing core applications and technology infrastructure is critical as Media & Entertainment firms navigate the uncertainty ahead while managing consumer expectations.

  • Media & Entertainment firms are catching up with their cloud adoption
  • Security, skills, and scale hold back greater cloud usage
  • Firms are putting their weight behind cloud

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