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On-Demand Webinar Communicating Cybersecurity Effectively in Your Organisation

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Every industry has unique jargon and buzzwords, and cybersecurity is no different. The challenge faced by IT professionals across the globe is how to engage employees effectively in their role in making better online decisions. Breaking down the technical elements into non-technical elements is not as easy as you think.

There are tried and true methods to communicate cybersecurity effectively in your organisation. This session will demonstrate the positive impact this can have on creating behaviour change and move you towards building a culture of security.

Join this live webinar to find out more about :

  • The value of effective communication as it relates to cybersecurity
  • The elephant in the room - human error
  • How people move from learning to behaviour change
  • What doesn't work vs what does work when communicating about cybersecurity


Management & Careers
Security Awareness

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