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Cyber Insurance Readiness Checklist

Cyber incidents are growing and so are rates and requirements of cyber insurance providers.

Before granting you an insurance policy, insurers want to see that you’re proactively managing your cybersecurity program and confirm you have effective controls in place to reduce risk. You can’t wait until you start shopping for an insurance policy or negotiate your renewal to make sure you can answer their questions. 

This sample cyber insurance checklist guides you through the top questions most insurance companies ask when you apply for cyber insurance, such as:  

  • How do you address cybersecurity risks, such as unmanaged privileged accounts? 
  • How well do you manage access to critical, sensitive assets? 
  • What is your ability to detect unexpected credential use? 
  • Do you have an incident response plan in case of a cyberattack?

Prepare to answer these questions to ensure your company qualifies for a robust insurance policy at competitive rates that reflect your risk. 


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