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Drive Better AI with Trusted Data

In today's digital era, many organizations face challenges with inefficient data management processes, which can hinder the successful adoption of generative AI and other data-driven initiatives. As the reliance on domain-specific data intensifies with the advent of generative AI and language models, the imperative for stringent data governance becomes more relevant.  

Join the Eckerson Group and Informatica, as they explore the symbiotic relationship between data governance for AI and AI-powered data governance, highlighting their combined potential to optimize AI outcomes with trusted data.  

By attending, you will uncover how to: 

  • Achieve optimized decision-making that integrates generative AI and language models, all underpinned by scalable data governance practices 
  • Maximize the ROI of your generative AI initiatives by fortifying essential data processes 
  • Accelerate your AI adoption for rapid value delivery and adaptability 
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