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Selecting integration tools: A Gartner® report for success

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the seamless integration of applications, data and systems is more crucial than ever. Overcome the complexities of integrating diverse apps, data, events, devices and people to pave a strategic path toward simplifying your digital transformation journey.
This comprehensive report, grounded in the latest research by Gartner®, empowers you with the knowledge to unify your technology ecosystem effectively where you can:
  • Explore analysis by Gartner to comprehend the critical integration patterns that are foundational to achieving strategic coherence across your operations
  • Identify the tools that best align with your specific integration challenges, ensuring a perfect match for your needs
  • Streamline your integration processes, improving data governance, and automating multistep processes for greater operational agility

Gartner, Choose the Best Integration Tool for Your Needs Based on the Three Basic Patterns of Integration, Benoit Lheureux, Keith Guttridge, Reviewed 2 March 2023 | Originally Published 20 September 2019

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