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Global Regulatory Communications Compliance

Global Regulatory

Get a thorough breakdown of collaborative communication in regulated industries worldwide, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and the European Union.

In all these geographies, regulated firms face similar challenges:

  • Identifying where business communications are taking place and how they should be captured and archived
  • Searching and retrieving these communications for regulatory exams or investigations in a timely and cost-effective manner
  • Adequately monitoring and supervising employees who use these communications and collaborative channels

Today, these tasks are further complicated by additional considerations, such as:

  • Increased global economic volatility
  • The explosion of new communications sources as organizations adjust to distributed workforces
  • A large number of state, national, and pan region data privacy laws

Get the guide for relevant, country-by-country examples around what recordkeeping, storage and supervisory review require in today’s collaborative communication landscape.


Regulations & Compliance
Information Capture
Archiving & e-Discovery

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