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How Global Enterprises Can Reduce the Risks of Collaboration Platforms

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New communications technology is a true “equalizer” for organisations, uniting people from diverse geographies and demographics. Workers are no longer restricted to a single office, device or time zone and collaboration and conferencing tools (e.g., Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, etc.) have replaced desk chatter, watercooler conversations and even emails.

Regulated organisations like financial services firms have seen the benefits of collaboration tools. But adapting to an increasingly virtual business model is an ongoing challenge for compliance and IT departments. Visibility into employee conduct is reduced when people aren’t working from a central location and the lines between business and personal communications are blurred.

This guide will help enterprises navigate the benefits and risks of collaboration platforms and how to adjust policies, technology, and employee training to enable the future of work and stay ahead of risk.


Regulations & Compliance
Information Capture
Archiving & e-Discovery

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