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Phishing by Industry Benchmark Report

Phishing Report 2022 english

The Phishing Risk by Industry: Benchmarking Report from KnowBe4 is here! Find out how vulnerable your company is to phishing compared to the competition.

For this year's report, more than 23.4 million phishing test results from around 30,173 companies and 9.5 million KnowBe4 users were compiled and evaluated. The data allows the representation of the average  Phish-prone™ percentage  - the phishing susceptibility of a workforce - and shows which users are particularly susceptible to phishing or social engineering.

The report also shows the average decrease in phishing susceptibility that can be expected after 90 days and 12 months after professional security awareness training.

Download the report now and get:

  • Current data on the average vulnerability to phishing from 19 industries
  • Recommendations on how to build and expand the security awareness of your workforce
  • Practical tips on how to set up your own 'Human Firewall'
  • Objective information on the added value of professional security awareness training


Security Awareness
Phishing & Social Engineering

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