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Shining a light in the dark: observability and security, a SANS profile

Unifying observability and security unlocks a holistic view of environmental health and behavior, providing security teams the insight they need to detect and deter threats proactively By converging your tools and data platforms for increased visibility, you can minimize blind spots and empower teams through:

  • Predictive maintenance - Organizations can recognize potential issues before they occur, enabling proactive maintenance with minimal disruptions.
  • Resource optimization - Teams can optimize resources and identify potential issues that could impact security or performance.
  • Enhanced collaboration - Security and operations teams achieve a higher level of operational resilience and response to potential threats to the business than if they were operating independently.
In this SANS report, explore how observability and security functions — when working in harmony — can ensure a more secure and reliable operational environment.


Data Security
Monitoring & Observability

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