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The State of Global Master Data Management 2024: Insights from Informatica MDM Customers

Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) is transforming business productivity. To maximize GenAI's potential, organizations need trusted data, making master data management (MDM) essential. Modern MDM eliminates data silos, providing a unified view of customer, product, supplier, and other critical data.

The results are just in from our survey of 300 Informatica users worldwide. It explores their current MDM system usage, plans for modernization, and cloud migration, alongside the anticipated benefits of these efforts.

Key highlights:

  • 100% of data leaders have adopted or plan to adopt a cloud-first strategy.
  • 84% of data leaders prioritize improving efficiency, implementing data fabric, and driving innovation as top reasons for modernizing legacy applications to the cloud.
  • 66% of data leaders cite flexibility or cost efficiency as the primary reasons for moving MDM to the cloud.

Modernizing legacy applications to the cloud and leveraging MDM solutions are pivotal for data leaders to establish data governance and achieve a unified view of critical business data. This includes gaining a contextual, 360-degree view of essential data such as customer, product, and supplier information.

Read the full results to see why data leaders say the time to modernize is now.


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