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TAPPED Out Survey Research

Distractions abound in the modern world, whether from day-to-day work responsibilities or when elements of your employees' personal lives creep into their work day. 
At best, some distractions are merely time sucks. At worst, distractions at work can leave open opportunities for cybercriminals to sneak in.
KnowBe4 conducted the TAPPED out research, which stands for Tired, Angry, Pissed, Pressed, Emotional and Distracted, among UK office workers (those working full-time remotely, remote/office hybrid and full-time in the office). The report surveyed workers across all levels of seniority to uncover attitudes and behaviours relating to corporate cybersecurity.

This report delves into how working location impacts attitudes toward company cybersecurity and workers’ behaviour and explores key factors influencing cybersecurity behaviour.

Download now to learn more about:
  • How responsible workers feel about their organisation’s cybersecurity
  • Trends in reported multitasking and the risks involved
  • What role employee attention and distraction play in cybersecurity
  • The importance of strengthening the human firewall to support a security culture

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Security Awareness
Phishing & Social Engineering

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